In a large pot cook onion, celery and carrot  in olive oil (best if extravergine) for 5 minutes until onion starts to brown (not tu burn!): thi is what the Italian call "soffritto". After that add 1 can of pureed tomatoes and 1  bouillon cube (stock cube) and half little spoon of sugar. If you want (and if you like) you can add 2 cloves garlic, minced: cook covered for at least 20 minuted, until the sauce  thickens

 How to use
  • You can use this recipe for all kind of pasta, long and short: adding some ingrendients you will have a different great recipes!
 Tips and Tricks
  • If you see that as you are cooking the onion it tends to burn you can add a teaspoon of water
  • As you need 20 minutes to cook the sauce remeber to start cooking first the sauce and than the pasta (pasta generally cooked in 10 minutes)

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